Ashley Cagle

RN & Founder of thrIVe Drip Solutions

My name is Ashley Cagle, Registered Nurse in Cleveland, Ohio. With an immense passion for health and wellness, it’s my goal to help you feel better, live longer, look better, and maintain a resilient mind & body. As a health enthusiast, I believe our health and wellness is in our control.

I do not want restrictions– I want to live with intention, to have longevity!

My goal is to help educate you to improve your health, from the inside out, so you can be the healthiest version of yourself. I am looking forward to providing you with the endless benefits IV vitamin and hydration has to offer.

Donato Borrillo

Practicing Physician & Attorney
Medical Director of Thrive Drip Solutions

By God’s grace, I’m both a practicing physician and attorney in the states of Ohio and Michigan. I strive to be God centered and through my preventive medicine training and board certification to promote a health mind and body for patients. I attained degrees from the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University of Law, Canisius College, and Wright State University. A veteran, I served for 9 years in the military and was Honorably Discharged as a Major from the United States Air Force.

I enjoy being with my wife and our 6 children, Bible study, western horse riding, ice hockey, scuba diving, and flying on bright sunny days.

My goal is to provide fact-based education and sound medication options for individuals. Given the voluminous amount of online medical information, it is import to be a physician who is willing to listen and provide counsel.


At thrIVe Drip Solutions we believe that achieving optimal wellness starts with five key aspects:

1) Hydration- Hydration promotes healthy cells and organs.

2) Vitamins- Supplement essential nutrients with vitamins.

3) Clean Eating- Food is medicine for your body.

4) Exercise- Daily exercise helps you look & feel better.

5) Sleep- 7-8 hours of sleep daily is essential to healthy living.

Are you surviving or are you THRIVING?

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